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By Alyn Wallace, Interesting Engineering, 3 November 2014.

There’s nothing like a mesmerizing looping gif to explain concepts in a simple and visual fashion. Here we present 12 gifs that explain simple processes that they probably didn’t teach you in school:

1. How ice-cream sandwiches are made

via imgur | reddit/u/NTRX

2. How a washing machine works

via imgur | reddit/u/CaliforniaPoppyCock

3. How a zip works

via imgur | reddit/u/kimcen

4. How ice-cream cones are made

via imgur | reddit/u/olegsfinest

5. How fans oscillate

via Shock Mansion | reddit/u/Spackkle

6. How keys open locks

via Gizmodo

7. How Wi-Fi travels in your apartment

via 9gag

8. How paperclips are made

via gfycat | reddit/u/jaycrew

9. How brakes work

via gfycat | reddit/u/Nate__

10. How coins are sorted

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11. How bowling pins are set

via gfycat | reddit/u/orbojunglist

12. How fortune cookies are folded

via imgur | reddit/u/orbojunglist

BONUS: Michael Jackson's patented gravity defying shoes

Top image via AAA Brains.